Our E-procurement System empowers clients across industries to automate the
manual procurement process through our technological expertise and deep process knowledge.

Transparent Procurement Process
Citizens across the world can participate and observe procurement  processes in real tit Procurement Process
Remote Participation
Bidders can buy and submit their bids remotely from their offices, reducing time and cost
Simple & Fast Review Process
Designated Procurement Specialists can access bids information through the portal.
Low Participation Fee
Unlike conventional procurement, Our eprocurement users obtain bidding documents free of cost and pay a nominal fee for their participation.

Real Time Validation
Owing to the integration with several Federal APIs, Contractors/Service Providers/Vendors are validated on the fly
Environmentally Friendly
Free Paper Process: Bidders MAY NOT submit printed originals and copies of bidding documents.
Rich Reporting Features
Reports of any sort can be managed, customized and generated from the system. It is flexible enough to generate any type of document format.
Reduced Risk
A bidder’s identity remains confidential and is only disclosed after the bid opening.


eProc is a SharePoint based solution for organizations to streamline procurement process in supply chain departments. Whether it is complex tendering or simple RFP/RFQ process, Our solution helps an organization in executing an effective procurement strategy and make your procurement or tendering function hassle free. It takes care of complete procurement life cycle, starting from vendor or supplier registration process till awarding the contract. By using this solution organisations can ensure the transparency of the entire procurement process.

Chairman KADPPA Alh. Hussaini Dikko
With Kaduna State adopting this eProcurement Solution and from what I have seen, I can confidently say that Kaduna State is about to go Digital
Nicholas Kiva Head Consular NCPC
It is my job to find the best technology in programming services – I selected Cloud9 IT Solutions Limited

Your One-Stop-Shop For all Procurement Activities

We take care of complete procurement life cycle, starting from vendor or supplier registration process till awarding the contract.


The Vision is to fully automate the government process of Nigeria and we  will continue to walk on the path of innovation by evolving our highly customised e-procurement suite to offer flexibility to our clients. We are passionate about our work and we value our commitment towards meeting our clients’ needs. We make sure you get the maximum benefit from the services that we offer.


We have been a company focused on bringing efficiency, driving profitability and unprecedented progress for enterprises across Nigeria. We offer a complete suite of e-Procurement services including Tender Management,Vendor Management, M&E and Consulting.


We emphasize on building long-term relationships with clients, giving equal opportunities to all our employees and staying ahead by setting a bench mark in the domain of e-procurement.


Our expert workforce are well trained in the latest technologies, provide proper guidance in your projects that needs to be managed by your own organization. Our it professionals who can be engaged from offshore or onsite, helps to complete your professional services projects on time and deliver quality products.


Our products are managed and maintained by the best brains around. We also appreciate and understand how challenging it is to command and sustain leadership position; hence we endeavor to continuously benchmark our products and services against peers to provide best in class offering to our customers.


Cloud9 IT Solutions Limited embarked on its journey into the e-procurement domain by offering e-Procurement services and solutions. Our solution is the first indigenous procurement solution in Nigeria. We are the first organization to offer and deploy the full suit of the e-Procurement solutions in Kaduna State, Nigeria.